Summary: All Rules View

The Summary View is the initial view when the sidebar opens.  It provides a summary of all the rule results grouped by Rule Categories or WCAG Guidelines.

Screen shot of Summary: All Rules view

Summary View Features

“Back” Button:  In the summary view the back button is disabled.

“Views” Button: Opens a menu to changes the view to a the Summary view or another Rule Results view.

Rule Summary Table: A table summarizing the number of rules with violations, warnings, manual checks and passed.

Information Icon: Opens a dialog box with information on the results legend and a link to learn more about the terms used in AInspector.

“Rule Categories” / “WCAG Guidelines” Tab:  Select the tab to show the rules result grid based on Rule Categories or WCAG Guidelines.

Rule Results Grid: The grid (e.g. interactive table) with each row containing the results for a group of rules.  The first column is the group name, followed by the number of violations, warnings, manual checks and passed rules for that group.

Details Button: Changes to the Rule Results view based on the selected row in the Rule Results Grid.

Page Title: Provides the title of the web page, which is useful for checking if the title provides both a description of the content of the current page and a name for the website.

Page URL: The URL of the page being evaluated.

“Preferences” Button: Opens the Preferences page for AInspector.

“Rerun Evaluation” Button: Reruns the evaluation and updates the results.  Can be configured to prompt for a delay before re-running the evaluation.

“Export Data” Button: Save a CSV or JSON version of the summary evaluation results to a local file.