Rule Results View

The Element Results View is the third level view of evaluation results in AInspector.  It provides detailed element and page result information for a specific rule result.

Screen shot of Rule Results view

Rule Results View Features

Rule Summary: The rule summary for the rule result.

“Back” Button:  Activating the back button changes the view to the Rule Results View.

“Views” Button: Opens a menu to changes the view to a the Summary view or another Rule Results view.

Element Summary Table: A table summarizing the number of elements with violations, warnings, manual checks, passed and hidden for a specific rule result.

Information Icon: Opens a dialog box with information on the results legend and a link to learn more about the terms used in AInspector.

Element Results Grid: The grid (e.g. interactive table) with each row containing element information related to the rule result.  The first column is the tag name, followed by the result, the relative position in the DOM and the action for the element.
NOTE: One special case is the “page” element name that is used to indicate the web page may be missing an accessibility feature.  The page element result is used with rules that have the Rule Scope of “page” or “website”.

Highlight Select Box: Changes how elements results are highlighted on the page for this rule results, options include:

  • None: No highlighting of elements on the page.
  • Selected: The current element (e.g. row) selected in the Element Results Grid.
  • V/W: All elements with Violations and Warnings.
  • All: All elements associated with this rule are highlighted.

Copy Button: Copies the contents of the Selected Element details to the clipboard as plain text.

Select Element: Provides additional information on the rule selected in the Rule Results Grid, including:

  • Action
  • Tag name and role
  • Accessible name and description (If allowed or defined)
  • Color Contrast information (NOTE: Only for Color Contrast Ratio rule in Styles/Content group).
  • Visibility on screen and to assistive technology.
  • HTML attributes (if any)
  • ARIA Attributes (if any)

“Export Data” Button: Save a CSV or JSON version of the element results to a local file.

“Rerun Evaluation” Button: Reruns the evaluation and updates the results in this view.  Can be configured to prompt for a delay before re-running the evaluation.

“Preferences” Button: Opens the Preferences page for AInspector.